Abner N Johnson IV President/Owner

Shenandoah Stone

5047 Cold Springs Road
Raphine, Virginia 24472 Office 540-377-6038
Quarry 540-377-5893
Fax 540-377-5567
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Shenandoah Stone began as Shenandoah Asphalt, Inc. in 1985 as an Asphalt company located in the Timberville area of Shenandoah County, Virginia.
The operation was moved to the Raphine area of Augusta County in 1987 to operate a stone quarry in order to supply their asphalt facility with aggregates.

In October of 2000 Mr. Abner N. Johnston, IV became the sole owner and operator of the company.
Shenandoah Asphalt, Inc. began trading as Shenandoah Stone, which was later trade marked, because the company no longer operated the asphalt plant.

Shenandoah Stone began specializing in the production of natural brown river gravel, natural sand and quality crushed stone.
Shenandoah Stone sells to many landscape companies and suppliers through out the state of Virginia as well as the states of North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

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